Sunday, May 29, 2016

Live to Serve and Serve to Live

I always had a dream of traveling and doing service. As a Rotarian, I traveled to Ethiopia and Uganda for polio immunizations and minor service projects. One day I decided to shake up my life and go away from everything I knew and immerse myself in service. I joined Peace Corps.

I spent 5 years traveling and living in places like Chile, Uganda, Ethiopia, India, and Albania immersing myself in service work. With help from Rotarian friends, we raised money to pay school fees for children unable to attend school. We built a bakery that would support an orphanage, and dug clean water wells. I taught businesses how to develop better financial habits and ways to prevent corruption. I made friends and gave hope to others.

Everything we give to others, we receive it back 10 fold. The more we give and the more we do for others, the more our lives are enriched. When we give; we receive.

I recently returned home after my 5 years of service. I was unsure how I would make a living and where I would live. But with faith, I secured the most fulfilling job imaginable with a non profit that supports educating children! I can continue my dream of serving others as I support myself. I have been truly blessed.

The most important message I came home with is GRATEFULNESS. Everyday, I am grateful for everything I have: my faith, my children, my health, my job, my home. I am grateful for the simple things in life; running hot water, electricity, safe drinking water, clean air, etc

I look forward to the future. I know that I can survive anything because I have GOD at my side guiding  me and sometimes carrying me.
I hope you enjoy my story, my adventures, my travels!!

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